Trust, Empower, Lead: Hospitals South Shared Governance Journey

Miss Anna Kallonen1, Ms Felicity  Roger1

1Tasmanian Health Service South, Hobart, Australia


Shared Governance is an organisational model that allows nurses and midwives to have autonomy and control over their own practice and have influence in administrative areas impacting clinical practice. It encourages and empowers direct care staff through involvement in shared decision-making within their organisation.

Hospitals South, as part of the Tasmanian Health Service, is applying for Pathway to Excellence® designation. In Pathway to Excellence® designated healthcare organisations, the Pathway® values have had a positive effect on staff retention, culture, and morale, with a flow on effect being improved patient outcomes. As an integral part of the Pathway to Excellence® application, it was necessary to demonstrate Shared Governance within the organisation.

Hospitals South founded the Shared Governance Convening Council to construct the Shared Governance Framework. In the true spirit of Shared Governance and Pathway to Excellence®, the council consists of greater than fifty percent direct care nurses and midwives, with all grades represented within the council membership. Through empowering and partnering with nurses and midwives of all levels, the council has been better able to confront the issues affecting clinical practice and construct a suitable framework for implementation.

This presentation will describe the experience of council membership through unveiling new opportunities, creating lasting partnerships, and warrants sharing with the broader nursing and midwifery professions.

The Shared Governance Framework opens a myriad of possibilities, will give power to direct care staff, celebrate shared passion, and help all nurses and midwives at Hospitals South to explore their untapped potential.


Felicity Roger, BNurs (ClinHons) is the Co-Chair of the Shared Governance Convening Council for Hospitals South. She has a background in acute mental health, a Direct Care Nurse working in acute medical for Hospitals South, and a palpable passion for nursing.

Anna Kallonen, MClinNurs (Crit Care) is the Co-Chair of the Shared Governance Convening Council for Hospitals South. She is a Direct Care Nurse working in Intensive Care at Royal Hobart Hospital, Clinical Coach for the Integrated Operations Centre, and Pathway to Excellence Clinical Champion. She is presently studying Honours with a focus on hyperoxia in critically ill patients.