The abundant potential of passionate nurses promoting Primary Health Care in Schools.

Miss Isabella Juric, Miss Molly Hanson

1Department Of Education, , Australia


Health promotion improves health outcomes, promotes health equity, and develops agency amongst patient populations. The School Health Nurse Program (SHNP) exemplifies what is possible when passion is combined with potential. The evolving and expanding SHNP is unlike any primary healthcare initiative seen in the Tasmanian school system. School Nurses significantly strengthen health literacy of young people whilst building their capacity to take responsibility for their health and ultimately achieve positive health outcomes across the lifespan. This is evidenced by the provision of health promotion and education conducted on the basis of identified needs. In a high school and college setting, School Nurses develop and deliver evidence based information to provide health education ranging from understanding Medicare to knowing your rights as a healthcare consumer via 1:1, small group, and schoolwide delivery. Comprehensive Primary Health Care as demonstrated by the SHNP has the potential to positively influence young peoples’ interactions with acute healthcare services including how and when they access tertiary care. Creating empowered and health literate young people decreases the burden on acute healthcare services and ensures capable, confident, and satisfied healthcare consumers into the future. Our passion for achieving this goal is full of potential to impact and improve the quality of primary healthcare in Tasmania through an avenue not previously explored. The passionate nurses in the SHNP are creating possibilities for positive change to individuals, families, and entire communities by working closely with the next generation of healthcare consumers and providing consistent health education throughout schooling.


Both presenters came to the School Health Nurse Program in 2020 with a history in perioperative nursing. They are both currently working towards a Graduate Diploma of Primary Healthcare through UTas.

Bella’s professional history includes work in health promotion as well as oncology and trauma perioperative nursing. She has a special interest in Quality Assurance and Improvement where she holds a portfolio in her current position.

Molly’s professional history includes general and gynaecology perioperative nursing and neonatal intensive care nursing. Molly has a special interest in resource development and provision and her current portfolio  is reflective of this.