‘Stepping up’ – A new shift coordinator development pathway

Mrs Phoebe Bone1

1Tasmanian Health Service – Hobart, Tas, , Australia


The Rapid Assessment Medical Unit (RAMU) requires an adaptable and dynamic team who work together to ensure safe and effective delivery of patient care. The Shift Coordinator plays a pivotal role in the daily functioning of the ward. The role demands high level communication, decision making and problem-solving skills.

Several staff forums held on the unit identified that the nursing team wished for clarity on career progression through the Shift Coordinator role. The existing learning package was outdated and there was an inherent risk that nurses may transition into the role without formal training and support.

The new Shift Coordinator Development Pathway provides participants with a structured and supported learning experience through mentorship, theoretical and practical components.

The pathway will be trialled on RAMU over a 6-month period and focuses on the development of personal attributes including critical thinking, lifelong learning, and leadership in clinical practice.

The application of the pathway and behaviour change in practice will be measured through pre and post evaluation surveys and feedback reports.

RAMU nurses are ready to step up into the Shift Coordinator role. We hope that the new pathway allows our nurses to confidently take charge of their professional development.


Since 2013, I have been employed as a Registered Nurse at the Royal Hobart Hospital.

Over the past 9 years I have gained extensive experience in general medicine and medical sub-specialty nursing.

I have worked in the teaching and education space for the past 2 years in Acute Medicine and I am currently in the Acting Clinical Nurse Educator role for RAMU.