Safer Baby Bundle Implementation Project

Ms Ana Navidad1

1Department Of Health Office Of Chief Nurse And Midwife, nipaluna/Hobart, Australia


Stillbirth is a serious public health concern that has shown little improvement in rates over the past two decades. Throughout Australia, six babies are stillborn each day; this results in significant psychosocial and financial burdens on those families.

Australian stillbirth rates are approximately 35% higher than in the highest performing countries globally. Moreover, for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and disadvantaged women, these rates are doubled.

Substandard care has been identified in up to 50% of stillbirths, of these, it is estimated that 20 – 30% are preventable had the gaps in care been addressed.

The three areas most often associated with substandard care and stillbirth are identification and management of Decreased Fetal Movements (DFM), Fetal Growth Restriction (FGR), and the use of tobacco. Further avoidable risk factors include maternal sleep position and the difficult question surrounding timing of birth for women at risk of stillbirth.

The power of partnerships are demonstrated by the Tasmanian Department of Health joining all National Health Jurisdictions to collectively implement the Safer Baby Bundle, aimed to reduce stillbirth by 20% across Australia.

This presentation celebrates the partnership of Medical and Midwifery clinicians with women and their families across Tasmania and the great work to date in implementing elements of this bundle.

We will explore what we have achieved so far across our state, where we are heading, where we plan to get to, and the very profound difference it can make in the lives of many.


Ana Navidad, Research Project Midwife, joined the Office of the Chief Nurse and Midwife team on 28 June 2021.

Ana was the Project Officer for implementing the RHH Midwifery Group Practice (MGP) and remained the clinical coordinator for the first 7 years of its operation. Ana more recently worked as the Clinical Midwife Consultant for RHH Maternity and was part of leading significant practice changes and quality improvement projects.

Ana appreciates working with others to further reduce Stillbirths in Tasmania.

Ana took this project in honour of Brona, Jack and many other loved and remembered children of friends and clients.