Passion and Possibility – Practice Development Tasmania

Ms Catherine Schofield1, Ms Erin McLeod2

1Tasmanian Dept Of Health, Hobart, Australia, 2Tasmanian Heath Service, Hobart, Australia


Practice Development Tasmania (PD TAS) has seen a small group of passionate professionals share a vision of what practice development (PD) can achieve in helping to develop person centered cultures of care using evidence based tools and techniques.

Their unwavering commitment has enabled a consistent focus on supporting others to work in PD ways, develop new skills, and enable others within the organisation to flourish.  This is at times a challenging endeavour as factors outside the control of PD Tas and at times the Tasmanian Health Service (THS), such as Covid19, has led to significant stress for those working in direct care roles.

However PD Tas remain convinced that working in PD ways and expanding the network of PD practitioners will help create greater possibility for patient centered care rather than just focusing on tasks; and enabling positive person centered workplace cultures to thrive.

For PD to be successful leaders, managers and clinicians have to recognise the importance of having dedicated time to critically reflect on their practice and identify and implement change, either individually or within teams.

The presentation will provide a brief history of the story of PD Tas while sharing the vision for the future, highlight teams that have used PD methodologies to great success and outline ways for individuals to get involved with ongoing PD activities.


Catherine Schofield RN MN CGNC, is clinical advisor to the Tasmanian Minister for Mental and Health and Wellbeing. After a 40 year career she remains a passionate inspirational leader, a practice development facilitator for the International Council of Nurses (ICN) Global Nurse Leadership Institute Program (GNLI) and the International Practice Development Collaborative (IPDC).

Catherine sits on the Nursing and Midwifery board of Australia and is an alumnus of both the Tasmanian Leaders Program and the ICNs GNLI Program. In 2021 Catherine was certified a Global Nurse Consultant by the ICN and inducted onto the Tasmanian Nurses and Midwives Honour Roll.