Midwives and CHaPs Nurses partnering together for improved evidence-based Postnatal Care

Mrs Hayley Potter1, Ms Eleanor Hodge2

1Royal Hobart Hospital, Hobart, Australia, 2Child Health and Parenting Service , Hobart, Australia


Postnatal Maternity Care is often described as the Cinderella in maternity care.  With a vision to identify issues and improve postnatal care to be seamless from one professional body to another, a working partnership between the Acting Educators in the Acute Women’s and Children Stream and Community Child Health and Parenting Service (CHaPS) has developed.   Together they have developed an Excellence in Practice Pathways (EPPs) Program, titled Promoting Postnatal Care and Wellbeing to nurture and strengthen these important relationships between service providers.

The aim of the partnership and program development is to strengthen the communication between midwives within THS Hospitals South and CHaPS nurses to benefit families accessing our services. The program has been designed with a focus on Promoting Postnatal Care and Wellbeing and working together in partnership to identify areas for improvement. Using a pre and post method of program evaluation and quality improvement projects we aim to improve the care of our families and the relationships between services. This presentation will discuss the process of partnering in program development, implementation and evaluation


Hayley Potter

Hayley completed Bachelor of Nursing through the University of Tasmania, graduating in 2003. In 2006 Hayley studied Graduate Diploma in Midwifery through Curtin University in WA. Currently employed as an A/Clinical Midwifery Educator at RHH.

Eleanor Hodge

Graduating from the University of Tasmania in 2011 and completing the Transition to Practice Program on the Paediatric Ward at the RHH, Eleanor worked as a neurosurgical nurse for some years. Completing her Graduate Certificate in Child and Family Health Nursing, Eleanor joined CHaPS in 2016. Currently, Eleanor is acting Clinical Nurse Educator for CHaPS and is undertaking the Graduate Diploma.