A passion for quality – in clear focus.

Ms Courtney Jones1, Mrs  Kate Turner2

1Tasmanian Health Service – South, Hobart , Australia, 2Tasmanian Health Service – South , Hobart , Australia


Quality Patient Safety Service (QPSS) is a consultative team supporting Hospital South to achieve better, safer and efficient care for the Tasmanian community. We utilise evidence-based improvement science to understand system design, safe design principles and work to prevent patient harm. QPSS are striving to further engage with staff within the organisation to not only ensure transparency from the top down but also ensure engagement and insights from the bottom up.

Gaining a deeper understanding of our strengths in safety management and level of engagement and understanding with our nursing and midwifery workforce can prove to be a challenge in a large and diverse service. The consultancy team within QPPS is looking for new ways to develop understanding and form relationships within Hospitals South to inform our practice.

This presentation will explore the experiences of QPSS CNCs in undertaking focus groups for the first time in exploring nursing/midwifery experience of safety management system and process. Providing insights into developing skills in facilitation and taking on the challenge to being open to broad and honest feedback of experience from first time focus group collaborators. Sharing their learnings from the challenges, the usefulness of the information received and the bravery of trying something new!


Courtney and Kate are Clinical Nurse Consultants in the Quality Patient Safety Service (QPSS) for Hospital South. Courtney has 10 years’ experience in surgical ward nursing at the Royal Hobart Hospital and developed an interest in safety and quality through her clinical nursing interactions. Kate has an extensive background in Public Health and has specialised in communicable diseases prevention unit. Both Courtney and Kate made the move into QPSS in 2021 and are both undertaking post graduate studies in Quality and Safety.