Please note the program below is subject to change.  Please click on the presentation title to view the abstract.

Friday 19 November 2021
0730 Registration Open
0830 – 0900 Welcome to the Symposium
Welcome to Country
Welcome from the Honourable Minister Rockliff, Minister for Health
The University of Tasmania – Platinum Partner
0900 – 1000 Keynote Speaker
Grace’s Story
Grace Tame (2021 Australian of the Year)
1000 – 1030 MORNING TEA
The Power Within Making the Impossible Possible Passion & Potential Workshop
1030 – 1050

Trust, Empower, Lead: Hospitals South Shared Governance Journey
Anna Kallonen

A passion for quality – in clear focus
Courtney Jones
Harnessing passion and potential to establish a unit-based nursing shared governance council
Chloe Jordan
1030 – 1230
Consent, Care and Trust
Catherine Schofield & Erin McLeod
1050 – 1110 The role of the Intensive Care Nurse on the Medical Emergency Team
Cindy Weatherburn
Applying Critical Systems Analysis to Serious Incidents in Aged Care
Pete Williams
‘Stepping up’ – A new shift coordinator development pathway
Phoebe Bone
1110 – 1130 TBC Renal Supportive Care – Trail blazers at a smaller regional hospital
Bridget Brown
Basinless Bathing- Back to basics
Ellen Burke
1130 – 1150 Unleashing and Embracing the Possibilities- Implementing an End of Life Care Plan in the Acute Care Setting
Anna Nicholas
Advanced Nursing Practice: Influencing workforce strategy
Anne Wallace
Walk in My Shoes Day program in Perioperative Services at the Royal Hobart Hospital
Dave Webber
1150 – 1210 Workforce research: a window on the power within
Stephanie Haines
Building capability of supervisors of nursing students in rural areas: Whole of Community Facilitator Model of Support
Elaine Bentley
The abundant potential of passionate nurses promoting Primary Health Care in Schools
Isabella Juric & Molly Hanson
1210 – 1230 Expressing our Experience: Health Staff Experience of Working During COVID-19 in Tasmania, Australia
Laura Pyszkowski
The Invisible Nurses of COVID-19
Samantha Elrick
Nurse-led collaborative health clinic for homeless individuals: Mission Health
Michele Dowlman
1230 – 1330 LUNCH
The Power Within Making the Impossible Possible Passion & Potential The Power of Partnerships
1330 – 1350 Medecs Learning – Demonstrating nursing leadership in a non-nursing environment
Deborah Stone
Fanning the Flames of Our Future Leaders
Dana Gray
Boldly Taking the Challenge of Quality Improvement to Clinical Learning Environments
Alison Sayer
Collaborative Midwifery Partnerships: Introducing Endorsed Credentialed Midwives into the Tasmanian Health Service 
Sue Hughes
1350 – 1410 From ‘just a nurse’ to ‘policy influencer’ – one nurses journey
Claire Morley
The power of possibility for global facilitation and connection in the midst of a Pandemic
Catherine Schofield
Keeping the passion going: A lifeline thrown to a graduate nurse
Erin Mercieca
Midwives and CHaPs Nurses partnering together for improved evidence-based Postnatal Care
Hayley Potter
1410 – 1430 Nurse Taster – An immersion Workshop for High School students
Ann-Marie Brown
Unemployable to General Practice co-owner – Kerrie Duggan and the Cygnet Family Practice Journey so far
Kerrie Duggan
Unlocking the possibilities of preceptorship
Hannah Bailey
Safer Baby Bundle Implementation Project
Ana Navidad
1430 – 1500 AFTERNOON TEA
Exploring women’s experiences of maternity service delivery in north west Tasmania: A qualitative study
Sally Hargreaves
Leadership -Excellence in Practice Pathway
Kylie Chilcott
Crossing Boundaries: An acute hospital and a Renal Service collaborate on a renal education program for nurses
Catherine Phillips
Passion and Possibility – Practice Development Tasmania
Catherine Schofield
1530 – 1615 Keynote Speaker
Power, Passion and Possibilities – Leading into the unknown
Professor (Practice) Alison McMillan PSM
1615 – 1630 Conference Close and Farewell
1800 – 2000 Tasmanian Public Sector Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Awards